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Our Process

As SeaDek's only Certified Fabricator and Installer for the Great Lakes, we take great pride in our work.  You have high standards for the look and feel of your boat and so do we. Our focus is on quality craftsmanship and attention to detail so each project meets or exceeds expectations; both yours and ours.

To ensure a precise fit to your boat's unique dimensions, we use the most advanced technology available for each step.  We begin with a Proliner digitizer to create a 3D model, followed by Gerber Omega CAD software for layout and adjustments, and end with a precision cut of your SeaDek using our Multicam CNC machine.

We are a Certified Fabricator/Installer which means you'll receive a valid warranty on product and workmanship.  We'll lay down your SeaDek so it looks like your boat came from the factory that way.  And our experience and commitment to in-house technology allows us to have more control over timelines.  In short, we'll finish your project faster.

Our Place or Yours?

Timing, convenience, and budget are factors with every SeaDek project. 

Want us to measure and install at your location?  We can do that.  If it's easy for you to bring your project to us in Traverse City or Petoskey for faster production, we're happy to do that too.

Give us a call to see how we can work with you, ensuring the results you expect. 

Get In Touch
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